About Us

Creature Hour is the work of Kris Mukai and Arlin Ortiz, two artists based in Southern California. The two of them met in art school and have been creating work side by side for over 12 years. 

Kris is a writer and illustrator who has written for Cartoon Network’s We Bare Bears and We Baby Bears, and storyboarded on Adventure Time, Summer Camp Island, and Craig of the Creek. She also writes and draws personal comics which can be read at hiKrisMukai.com

Arlin is an illustrator and Risograph printmaker known for his colorful and detailed fantasy maps and for his unique and funny Monster Pamphlet creatures. Every month Arlin sends out new Risograph postcards to subscribers via his Risopost Patreon. More of his illustrations can be found on his portfolio website

What is Risograph printing? Risograph printing is a method of printmaking that utilizes a Risograph machine. Think of an office photocopier, but one that uses a process closer to screen printing. The Risograph machine pushes ink through a screen and builds the image on the paper layer by layer, color by color. Because of the way the machine prints, there will always be slight color mis-alignments in the printed image. This is a feature of the process and lends itself to the handmade feel of Risograph printing. Every print in the shop is printed by Arlin in our apartment with our big girl MZ 790 U. 

Do you print the shirts yourself? The shirts are screen-printed locally.

How frequently do you ship out orders? We ship on a weekly basis! Prints, comics, and stickers all ship from our home.

Contact Us at creaturehour@gmail.com